Voter Neighbor is . . .
  • A friend-to-friend, personalized postcard program managed online.
  • A hi-tech solution to implement an age-old, grassroots campaign technique.
  • A gauge on your campaign's effectiveness that you control and track in real-time.
  • A mechanism to give your supporters poll tested messages they can personalize to people in their spheres of influence

As voters continue to be bombarded with glossy mail and flashy TV ads, personalized, one-to-one voter contact is more important than ever. Voter Neighbor is based on a tried and true method of personal grassroots campaigning. Voter Neighbor brings control, accountability, real-time tracking and convenience to your campaign.

Gone are worries of sending postcards to supporters, and hoping they will take time to mail out those postcards to their contacts. With Voter Neighbor, your campaign has an online, easily managed method of successfully implementing this age-old grassroots campaigning technique. Volunteers can help out at their own convenience with this 24/7 online tool.

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